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2024 Fees (*Annual membership runs from September 1st, 2023-December 31st, 2024)

Early Bird| Regular


Recreational (non-sparring): $50.00| $60.00
Non-Competitive Sparring *Medical required (2016 and earlier): $90.00

COMPETITVE MEMBERSHIPS (*annual medical required)
Initiation Funbox (2014, 2015, 2016): $55.00
Junior A (2012-2013): 125.00|$130.00
Junior B (2010-2011): $125.00|$130.00
Junior C (2008-2009): $125.00| $130.00
Youth (2006-2007): $125.00|$130.00
Elite (2005 and earlier): $150.00| $160.00

Coach: $150.00|$155.00 (**Safe Sport & Respect in Sport required)
Official/Referee/Judge: $95.00

Replacement Record Book (Official/Referee or Boxer): $20.00

Dual Membership (Coach/Boxer, Coach/Official, Official/Boxer) $180.00
Triple Membership (Coach/Boxer/Official) $300.00


Once registration is received by the Boxing Ontario office, we work to process on our end within 3-5 business days. Please note, that the complete process can take up to 4 weeks with Boxing Canada.

*Note: A receipt of your registration does not mean that your membership has been processed with Boxing Ontario. Please contact for your registration number.

*If you have an upcoming competition, please ensure that you are registered at least 1 week before you compete. Registrations will NOT be processed the day of your competition.

New Registrants: Record Books will be sent directly to the clubs once received by Boxing Ontario via Boxing Canada.

When upgrading from recreational member to competitor, you do not need to select "replacement book". You will automatically receive one.

For Coaches:

The following modules must be completed for your registration to be processed.

1.Safe Sport Training which can be found under the E-Learning tab on The Locker

2.Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders can be completed HERE

Online Police Check

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